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Past Life Tarot Card Spread

It’s not strange to see someone being curious about his past and wondering if it has any impact on his present or not. This past life spread will help us to draw the useful lessons and experiences from the past to have a better view of the future. That’s the most crucial thing we’ve just learnt from the previous actions so that we don’t have to move in one rut all the time. In-depth insights in the past life would be very helpful to your improvement at the moment. The layout lets us know the whole theme of the past to give us a better understanding of the current life so that we could make the right decisions to get your life transformed much better.

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Three cards are used for this spread in which the first card deals with the past difficulties, the second card shows us in what way the past life’s influences appear again in the present and the last one is the invaluable lessons we used to learn from the past. Going through bad fortune in real life can be easily done once three powerful cards are employed for this layout. What need to be understood and applied to real life, check out the spread to get the answers.

Free Psychic Chat Room Readings

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